2011-09-22 / Letters

EPA Regulations A Threat To Farmers

To The Editor:

To fully understand what is going on with farm regulations in the EPA, one must look into The United Nations Treaty for Sustainable Development, known as Agenda 21. This treaty was signed by President Bush in 1992, however, no treaty is valid in the U.S. until ratified by Congress. This treaty was never brought before Congress. The treaty is being implemented through various pieces of legislation such as The Amended Clean Air, Clean Water Act of 1990, which gave the EPA unlimited and unchecked power to make regulation without going through Congress. Also, more recent, The Food Safety and Modernzation Act, which gives the same power to the FDA. Also, through the Dept. of Justice, which did a year-long sting on a farmer for selling raw milk. Also, the Presidential Executive Order is being used. I note E.O. #13508 dealing with the Chesapeake Bay, and E.O.#13575 The White House Rural Council, which deals with sustaining development in rural America.

I urge your publication and anyone reading this to go online and search Agenda 21. Agenda 21 for Dummies is a great place to start, but do not stop there. Also, I called my congressman’s office with this info. They have been very interested and have called back. If you feel this is a threat, make that call. We need to wake up and get invovled. God bless America

Andrew A Singel


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