2011-09-15 / Local & State

New Species Of Ancient Predatory Fish Discovered

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Research scientists at Philadelphia's Academy of Natural Sciences say they have discovered a new species of ancient fish.

It was a large predatory fish with a powerful bite that prowled ancient North American waterways around 375 million years ago.

They have named their discovery Laccognathus embryi (lack-ugg-NAY'- thus EM'-bree-eye). It had a wide head, small eyes and large sharp teeth and probably grew up to 6 feet long.

The researchers are from the Academy of Natural Sciences, the University of Chicago and Harvard. They're the same team who gained worldwide acclaim several years ago for their discovery of a species considered a link between fish and the earliest limbed animals.

The latest discovery comes from the same area, on Ellesmere Island in the Canadian Arctic.

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