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Wear Your Jeans With Confidence

It’s not about the number on the scale or the size of your jeans – confidence and sass come from looking and feeling great in clothing that’s perfect for you.

And when you slip on your favorite pair of jeans, you walk taller and strut a little more.

Here are some tips to help you look and feel your best this season:

Flaunt What You’ve Got. Focus on what you love – whether it is your beautiful smile or fabulous hair – don’t be afraid to show off your best assets.

And don’t measure the success of your weight management by the number on the scale. Instead, focus on what you will gain when you lose this year. Perhaps a little bit more moxie and sass? Or a boost in confidence?

Go From Day to Night. You can also go from casual chic to evening elegant by pairing darker wash jeans with a sequin top, chandelier earrings and a pair of sassy stilettos.

Visualize Success. Use the image of yourself on the runway of a national fashion show while you are walking around your home, office, or community. Carry yourself with the same confidence as the models you love to watch on the runway.

Drop a Jean Size. Whether you are comfortable with your current weight or looking to set new goals, what you eat can make a difference. For example, the Special K Challenge can help kick start your weight-management plan. Replace two meals with a serving of Special K cereal, meal replacement protein shake or protein meal bar, followed by a sensible, balanced third meal for a period of two weeks to lose up to six pounds. For more information, visit www.specialK.com.

Think Color. For postsummer blues, add some color to your routine by testing out a pair of colored jeans, such as red denim. Or dare to take your color even further with colored corduroys. Bold colored, fitted pants will pair perfectly with a light-colored, blousy top.

The bottom line is to pickand choose what fashion trends work for you, because when you feel great, you look great.

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