2011-09-15 / Church News

Jehovah’s Witnesses Attend Bible Seminar

“What an encouraging program!” was the sentiment expressed by local Jehovah’s Witnesses who attended a two-day Bible seminar at the Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s witnesses in Grantville, Pa., just east of Harrisburg. According to Daniel Ritondo, a local congregation elder, there were more than 51 witnesses from the McConnellsburg congregation who attended the event as families.

The theme was “ Let God’s Name Be Sanctified,” based on Jesus’ words concerning the model prayer. The theme was carried throughout the program, including the public address delivered by Gunther Starr, a traveling overseer of Jehovah’s Witnesses. His theme was “Jehovah Will Sanctify His Great Name at Armageddon.” On Sunday those in attendance enjoyed a four-part symposium based on how they individually could sanctify God’s name by their thoughts, speech, decisions and conduct.

A key part of the Saturday program was a public baptism of qualified new ones who dedicated themselves to do God’s will.

All sessions were free and open to the public. There were 552 in attendance. suggest you gradually increase your overall activity level. Walking is a great way to reduce fat and improve your overall health, but so is cleaning your home, chasing your kids, washing your car or gardening. Activity is activity, whether you call it exercise, running errands or having fun.

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