2011-09-08 / Letters

Use Severance Tax To Renew Growing Greener

To The Editor:

It’s shocking to me that Pennsylvania remains the only major drilling state in the nation that has failed to implement a severance tax on gas drilling.

Due to the destructive and dangerous nature of Marcellus shale drilling, it only makes sense to direct a portion of the funds to the state’s environmental and conservation programs, like Pennsylvania’s Growing Greener program.

One way revenue from a severance tax should be put to work to protect our environment is by funding Pennsylvania’s Growing Greener program. This program is one of the state’s most successful environmental protection programs, working to protect the outdoor spaces that make the state great, and protecting and restoring Pennsylvania’s rivers, lakes and streams.

Unfortunately, the Growing Greener program is about to run out of money to do this important work. It’s sensible to use severance tax revenue to renew the Growing Greener program and protect these natural resources. I hope that concerned citizens will contact their state representatives and senators and ask them to renew Growing Greener.

Meredith Meisenheimer Preservation Associate, PennEnvironment Philadelphia, PA 19102

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