2011-09-01 / Police Reports

Crystal Spring Man Charged With Harassment

Charges of harassment have been filed against a Crystal Spring man as a result of a physical altercation that occurred at 10834 Timber Ridge Road.

Twenty- year- old Levi Scott Mills reportedly arrived at the Belfast Township residence of a 20-year-old Needmore woman during the early morning hours on Thursday, August 25, state police said. Mills is accused of punching a 17-year-old Needmore boy in the face during the 1:21 a.m. incident, knocking him to the ground. Mills allegedly got on top of the boy and continued to strike him with his fist.

Mills, police added, assaulted the woman by slamming her against a car and throwing her to the ground. Charges against the Crystal Spring man have been filed through Magisterial District Judge Carol Jean Johnson.

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