2011-09-01 / Local & State

Sentencing Set For Robber With Deadly Drug History

By Joe Mandak

PITTSBURGH (AP) – A man sentenced to more than 10 years in federal prison for distributing a synthetic form of heroin blamed for at least 18 overdose deaths in the Pittsburgh area in the late 1980s has been sentenced to spend more than five additional years in prison – this time for robbing a bank in 2009.

Sixty-two-year-old Donald Sunkin was sentenced to 63 months in prison on Monday for the January 2009 heist at the Huntington National Bank in Hermitage.

Federal prosecutors say he robbed the bank for money to pay some minor court fines.

Sunkin was a heroin addict in Springdale when he got a chemist friend to make him the fake heroin, known as China White. The drugs was later linked to the deaths of addicts in an around Pittsburgh in 1988.

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