2011-09-01 / Local & State

PennDOT To Aid State, Local DUI Enforcement Through Labor Day

Motorists reminded to ‘drive sober or get pulled over’

PennDOT announced last week the distribution of federal funds to help municipal and state police crack down on impaired driving across the state through Labor Day during the “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” initiative.

“People may have end-of-summer plans that involve alcohol, but safety should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind,” PennDOT Secretary Barry J. Schoch, P.E., said. “Getting behind the wheel when you’re impaired by drugs or alcohol puts your life in danger, as well as the lives of everyone sharing the road with you. Do everyone a favor by designating a driver.”

The $4.2 million in federal funds PennDOT distributes come from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The funds have been used throughout the year to help with impaireddriving patrols. The national enforcement effort will also unveil NHTSA’s new DUI enforcement theme, “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over,” reminding motorists of the consequences of driving while impaired.

More than 600 municipal police departments and the Pennsylvania State Police will conduct roving patrols and checkpoints targeting motorists under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The focus for this statewide enforcement wave is border-to-border enforcement, as police are encouraged to cooperate across county and even state borders. Pennsylvania’s efforts are part of a nationwide enforcement wave.

PennDOT records show there were 169 alcohol-related crashes and five fatalities during Labor Day weekend in 2010.

Visit www.DriveSafePA.org for more information on Pennsylvania’s efforts to stop impaired driving and other traffic-safety initiatives.

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