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Park Family Holds Reunion

The 47th annual reunion of the descendants of Clay and Alice Park was held August 21, 2011, at Dublin Mills Church pavilion.

Although there was a threat of rain, 55 family members and guests were in attendance for fun and fellowship.

Harold Adams said the blessing, and the delicious buffet-style meal was under way at 12:30 p.m. After the meal, the business meeting was conducted by President Harold Adams, who read scripture from the book of Joshua.

Election of officers was held and remains the same as last year: Harold Adam, president; Steve Grissinger - vice president; Dauna Baker, secretary; and Irene Miller, treasurer. Marie Park will lead the children’s games next year, and Karen Long and Amy Patterson will lead the adult games.

Irene Miller had a presentation of Clay and Alice Park descendants with 11 children, 34 grandchildren and many, many more family members after that and still counting.

Name tags were used this year, and it was decided to use them again next year.

Jennifer Chapell and Kristen Miller led the children’s games this year. The children made sand-filled necklaces, played hot potato, balance the ruler and guess the number of candy corn games.

Those in attendance were: Curt Patterson, Amy Patterson, Cory Hearn, Hilary Hearn, Denny Long, Karen Long, Steve Grissinger, Evelyn Grissinger, Tim Gris-singer, Theresa S. Besaw, Lanny Newman, Sonja Newman, Nick Shew, Eric Newman, Anita Newman, Mi- chael Newman, Emily Newman, Matt Clapsadle, Dan-ielle Clapsadle, Dorion Clapsadle, Todd Strait, B.J. Strait, Jay Souders, Helen Souders, Pete Weaver, Beth Dick, Luther Dick, Jean Adams and Harold Adams.

Also Dauna Baker, Tammy Nearhood, Nathan Sheffield, Brittany Nearhood, Addisyn Nearhood, James Nearhood, Garret Chilcote, Darrell Hooper, Kristen Miller, Carl Cohenour, Harley Cohenour, Jennifer Chapell, Allan Chappell, Fred Foster, Marie Foster, Phyllis Foster, Ashlyn Foster, Emily Foster, Ruth Haines, Lois Haines, Tirzah Heatwole, Edwin Baker, Betty Baker, Irene Miller, Wally Newman and Norma Newman.

Next year’s reunion will be held at the same place and same time on Sunday, August 19, at noon at Dublin Mills Church pavilion.

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