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In Memory



In loving memory of Frank DeShong, who passed away August 26, 2010: Where are you this moment? Only in my dreams. You’re missing but you’re always A heartbeat from me. I’m lost without you I don’t know where you are I keep watching, I keep hoping But time keeps us apart Is there a way I can find you? Is there a sign I should know? Is there a road I should follow? To bring you back home Winter lies before me Now you’re so far away In the darkness of my dreaming The light of you will stay If I could be close beside you If I could be where you are If I could reach out and touch you And bring you back home.

Sadly missed by

Tammy, Emily and Jared


In memory of Edna A. Sipes: 1939 – 2010: Dear Mom,

It’s been a year since you’ve been gone from us and we miss you as much today as we did a year ago. Your smile, your laughter, your love have brightened many a sad day. Things we do, places we go bring back wonderful memories of doing things and going those places with you. You brought so much joy and love to so many people. You might have been small in body, but you were large in faith and love.

Loved and Dearly missed by all,

Your loving family

In memory of Floyd M. Snyder:

Though tears in our eyes do not glisten and our face is not always sad, there is never a night or morning that we don’t think of the son and brother we had.

With love,


Sisters and family

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