2011-08-25 / Local & State

Our Git-R-Done Acres

By Suzanna Defibaugh Fox

A tribute to my grandparents’ farm and my family in Wells Valley: Living in the city, Traffic all around People walking up the street, The fire whistle sounds. Grocery store a block away, Public park for kids to play, Tiny yard, makes it hard Not enough space I’ve made my case. Get in the car, travel far, City streets long gone All together sing a song. Farms to the left Fields to the right Getting closer now, Looking out the window Kids spot a cow Slow down breathe deep Smells I love to keep. Make a right, what a sight The worries lift My memories sift A glimpse of perfection The right direction I take in the colors Picture the heavens Close my eyes Thank God for the skies This beautiful farm The warmth from the sunshine Caressing my arm The beauty surrounds me, The sounds of just nature God’s country here At Git-R-Done Acres.

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