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S. Fulton To Fill Coaching Spots

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

Concerned parents flooded the Southern Fulton Junior/Senior High School Library last Tuesday evening to hear the outcome of three vacant coaching positions that were before the board for consideration.

Among the positions up for discussion were junior high assistant boys basketball coach, junior high head soccer coach and junior high assistant soccer coach. All three positions were vacant as a result of resignations.

Junior high assistant soccer coach Ryan Ickes and Aaron Harris, head junior high soccer coach, had submitted their letters effective the 2011-12 school year. Those letters were noted on the agenda under the category of communications along with an additional letter from track and field coach Andrew Brown.

All three letters were in turn unanimously accepted on August 16 by a 7-0 roll-call vote. Board members Kenny Wuertenberg and Timothy Hull were unable to attend the meeting.

In discussing the issue further, one board member stated that if the district was going to eliminate junior high soccer then all junior high sports should be dropped. With the overall consensus being not to drop the junior high soccer program, a follow-up motion was approved by the board to allow the administration to fill both junior high soccer positions. They will return to the topic of possibly of filling the position of junior high assistant boys basketball coach at a later date, the board noted by “common consent” in its unofficial meeting minutes.

Members of the public on hand for or choosing to participate in the public comment period that primarily involved the future of the junior high soccer program were Dave Smith, Edgar Yates, Bryan Strait, Gerri Strait, Terry Hann, Stacy Barn- hart, Edward Barnhart Jr., Vicki Ott, Scott Bohrer, Teersa Varner, Michelle Shank, Brian Shank, Levi Shank, Jen Silver, Roland Silver, Maureen Litton, L.I. Barber, Shaelyn Wawro, Brianna Wawro, Shirley Pryer, Misti Kerns, Richard Wawro, Melody Mellott, Alexander McAllister, Gavin McAllister, Morgan Strait and Courtney Strait.

Also under personnel, the board agreed to an unpaid leave of absence under the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 for high school English teacher Justin Sholes. Sholes leave is tentatively scheduled for September 5- 9 and November 8 through December 12.

Kelly Sipes was authorized to return to the district as an Americorps employee during the 2011-12 school year for the “purpose of transition.”

A contract was penned with CAMCO, which will offer physical therapy services to the district at an hourly rate of $56.

A letter of agreement from Healthy Community Partnership was accepted for the organization to provide services related to the Student Assistance Program.

Sarah (Keefer ) Weeks was hired as a long-term substitute for sixth- grade teacher Ashley Myers effective September 12. Weeks daily pay rate has been established at $115.

Pending the completion and receipt of necessary paperwork, Kathryn Marie Walters, Owen Bernecker and Whitney R. Meyers will be added to the professional substitute teaching list.

In addressing policies, the board gave a second nod of approval to nine policies dealing with local board procedures, graduation requirements, weapons and searches, and physical examinations. Board member Donald Whiteside abstained during the 6-0-1 roll-call vote pertaining to the second readings.

Following a prior request by the board that all classes with enrollment numbers less than 10 students be brought before the board for approval, the newest list of classes with low enrollment was brought before the board for consideration. Those receiving final approval were basic geometry ( 7 students); graphic design/ yearbook elective (6); philosophy and history of religion elective (7); advanced earth and space elective (5); AP stats elective (2); advanced physics elective (3); 2-D art (9); anatomy and physiology (8); History 101 with Allegheny College of Maryland (8); PSSA math (1); Spanish IV (8); ag mechanics (3); construction trades (2); drafting (4); wildlife and fisheries (7). Danny Crouse was the lone board member to vote against the class listing.

In addition, the board held an executive session last Tuesday to discuss personnel, litigation and the purchase or lease of real estate. No action was taken afterwards.

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