2011-08-11 / Local & State

Food Basket Provides Gardens


Pictured are four raised garden boxes at the Fulton County Food Bank. Pictured are four raised garden boxes at the Fulton County Food Bank. There’s nothing like fresh produce from a garden. The Fulton County Food Bank (FCFB) has been working to provide its clients the opportunity to grow fresh produce. This year five people are growing produce in the Community Garden. Thirty-six others received seeds and plants, started by Ann Meyers’ agriculture class at Central Fulton School District, to grow at their own dwellings.

The FCFB also strives to provide fresh produce to all clients. Master gardeners Kathleen O’Connor and Linda Garber planted cucumbers, peppers and carrots in the four raised garden boxes built through Make A Difference Day. Master gardener Gary Ankney planted a portion of the community garden with the three sisters – corn, squash and beans. These vegetables will be harvested to support the Food Basket food and nutrition programs. Ankney has also been providing classes on gardening tips once a month.

The FCFB has been helping more families than ever, and there are many ways for interested members of the community to assist the Food Basket. The FCFB accepts donations of excess garden produce and welcomes community service volunteers and donations. To donate time, talents or money, please contact Susan Cubbage at 717-485- 5688.

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