2011-08-11 / Local & State

Deeds Recorded

The following deeds were recorded at the local courthouse during the past week. State tax stamps affixed to deeds indicate one percent of the purchase price or of the fair market value:

Jenny Ethel Clark by Fulton County Sheriff Keith Stains to Community of Healthcare Employees Credit Union in Belfast Township, $32.02 in tax stamps.

Fannie Mae by attorney Mark S. Weisberg to Lynn M. Palmer in Bethel Township, $888.08 in tax stamps.

Senko Family Trust by trustees Michael J. Senko and Editha E. Senko, Michael J. Senko, Editha E. Senko, and Lucille O. Senko Revocable Trust by trustees Lucille O. Senko and Michael J. Senko to Senko Family Trust by trustees Michael J. Senko and Editha E. Senko in Bethel Township, tax exempt.

T. Glenn Winegardner and Emma Jean Winegardner to Glenn R. Winegardner and Kimberly Jean Rizzardo in Dublin Township, tax exempt.

Chris E. Stains and Anna R. Stains to Randy H. Bunch and Donna L. Bunch in Dublin Township, $500 in tax stamps.

Nicoletta M. Leonard by Robert A. Leonard to Jeffrey C. Nulton and Brenda L. Nulton in Taylor Township, $1,100 in tax stamps.

Wayne P. MacDonald and Barbara M. MacDonald to B. Todd Alexander and Hillary J. Alexander in Mc- Connellsburg Borough, $2,780 in tax stamps.

Warren E. Clugston and Lois J. Clugston to Alan E. Clugston and Doreene A. Clugston in Ayr Township, tax exempt.

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