2011-08-11 / Letters

SF Heating System Cost Too Much In Hard Economic Times

To The Editor:

Re: School Board Study On New Heating System For The Southern Fulton High School dated 7-28-11 in The Fulton County News.

So the School Board had a “free presentation” on how to spend the people of Southern Fulton’s hard-earned money! We are talking over $1.4 million. Was this why the millage was raised this year? Is this expenditure really necessary?

Some of us are on fixed incomes and haven’t had a cola in three years.

Some of us are unemployed and haven’t been able to find a job.

Do you know what the unemployment rate is in Fulton County?

Come on folks ... between the cost of gas, fuel, food and striving to make ends meet we’ve reached our limit.

Please don’t let me be the only one to voice my opinion in this matter.

C. Gorsuch

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