2011-08-11 / Entertainment

Mountain Men Appliance Movers Come To Fulton County Fair


At one time or another we’ve all had an experience moving our household effects. Whether you hired professionals or did it yourself, it was a major undertaking. If you tried it yourself, you had to find someone with a truck or several friends with pickups. Trying to round up a truck is bad enough let alone friends, relatives and /or neighbors to help. Remember, they have to work Saturday, only happens once a year, health issues, bad backs and deer stand repairs that needed done the very day you were scheduled to move. Finding help to wrestle furniture and large appliances can be difficult. Oh my, did I say appliances! That’s even worse, you need to get one of those special carts to get that harvest gold or avocado green slippery monster down the steps and up onto the truck. If this is your dilemma, you don’t have a “2 Guys and a Truck” moving franchise available and you haven’t found a solution watching the home improvement network, you need to come to the Fulton Co. Fair Wednesday evening. During the demolition derby, between the heats, Mountain Men Appliance Movers, you can call them “mam” for short, no maybe you better not, these trained professionals will spring into action and show you just how easily you can move those bulky appliances with just a few people and the family car. And what’s even better, they will show you how to do it in a hurry.

Several teams of skilled professionals will show you several different ways you can load one, two, three, four or more appliances on the family sedan with a single piece of rope and then move them at a break neck pace thru traffic, over speed bumps and potholes to their destination.

So don’t miss the action as four teams load appliances onto the car one at a time, tying them on as they can with just 100 feet of rope, before they take a lap around the track, then pitting to add another range or dryer for another lap. It could get interesting as the appliances slip and slide as the driver is trying to negotiate the course without losing an appliance. Oh, did I mention the other cars on the track may just happen to bump into you and if an appliance falls off it cannot be picked up. The best time and most appliances still on the car after five laps determine the winner.

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