2011-08-04 / Local & State

In Memory

By Philip Anderson


In loving memory of Janice Ann Sheehan-Anderson, who died unexpectedly in August of 2001: We all go through life needing love Weather the storm with someone who cares But when that someone is above It moves you to a tear. We stand alone while

Mother is gone We hope she is proud while looking on As summer’s day turns to blackest night We hold on to the memories As we keep them in sight. To forget this special woman Would be an atrocity We should feel this loss For all time Mothers are so special When they are Blessed They hold us tight To protect us from plight With this world so wretched Life is so precious as we all seem to forget Take time out and remember That before that person is gone And you regret No matter who you think of that is caring Never take for granted That they might leave first Always let your love show Before the death of mothering.

You always bring a tear to my eye

When I think of you

We shall always miss you


Your loving daughter and son

Carlie and Philip

Missed by family and friends forever

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