2011-08-04 / Local & State

Commissioners, Teacher Discuss Veterans Display

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

The Fulton County commissioners sat down with a history teacher from the Forbes Road School District Tuesday to discuss a long-range plan to erect a display in the courthouse honoring local veterans.

Brown “Tink” Cutchall told the commissioners during his time at both the Forbes Road and Southern Fulton School districts he has required students on an annual basis to interview war veterans. Over the last 20 years, his compilation of DVDs and VHS tapes has grown to more than 100.

During the 2010-11 school year, Cutchall stated he was fortunate enough to gain footage of Hustontown resident Frederic Knepper as well as veteran Ben Souders and various individuals from the Robertsdale and Broad Top area.

The teacher went on to say he typically allows students to pick from a list of who they would like to interview, and in many instances relatives with war experience are enlisted for the project.

The commissioners and county clerk Dan Swain discussed the possibility of VHS tapes being transferred onto DVD, and the collection being placed in the courthouse as part of a multi-media display. Their long-range goal is that individuals visiting the courthouse will be able to watch each video through a touch-screen display.

In hopes of beginning to lay ground work for the future project, the commissioners agreed to speak with their county solicitor Stanley Kerlin regarding the ins and outs of airing the videos and whether permission is needed from both the veteran and the student involved.

Cutchall referred to the project as a “good thing” and noted that the videos merely sitting in a cabinet at school and not serving a purpose is “not a good thing.”

“Stop and think what they (the veterans) did for us. This is the least we can do,” said Commissioner Bonnie Mellott Keefer.

“It’s a legacy. I’m looking forward to this project coming to fruition,” she added.

The commissioners also noted the possibility may exist that grant funding may be available to help cover associated costs, which are expected to be minimal even though the process itself will likely be time consuming. Cutchall concluded a grant entitled “Save Our History” was available through the History Channel, but he believes it is no longer in existence.

In other matters heard Tuesday, business manager Tim Stanton reported mold and mildew abatement at the SheriffĂ­s Office should be completed by Friday. The process will include treating the building with ozone, which is estimated at $750. Maintenance will then be responsible for using a HEPA vacuum to clean out the dead mold spores.

Stanton also noted the bandshell is being treated with the same ozone process at a cost of approximately $257.

The commissioners signed off on a recommendation by technology director Eldon Martin for the purchase of a new server from Global Data at a cost of $4,085.68. Having suffered a technological melt down of sorts with an older server over the weekend, Martin said the new server will be able to cover duties associated with email, accounting and GIS.

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