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Firemen’s Convention Begins Thursday

Parade kicks off at noon Saturday
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

Renowned on a national level for their focus on fireman and equipment safety precautions, members of the Cumberland Valley Volunteer Fireman’s Association will be gathering in Mc- Connellsburg this week as part of their 110th annual convention.

Local committee chairperson David Hoover II reported the festivities will get under way Thursday, August 3, with a call to order at the McConnellsburg Firehall and a follow-up memorial service at St. Paul Lutheran Church. An average of 100 to 120 participants typically attend the three-day event, which will include picnics and banquets, specialized training and the ever-popular firemen’s parade.

According to Hoover, members hail from the five-state area comprised of Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and Delaware. The McConnellsburg Volunteer Fire Co. typically hosts the event on a 10-year rotation. However, the most recent convention in McConnellsburg occurred only six years ago in conjunction with the company’s 75th anniversary celebration.

Among the notable events to be offered to members this week, Hoover said, will be a training class on Friday, August 5, between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. at the firehall. Entitled “The First 15 Minutes,” the class focuses on what emergency responders should be doing during their first 15 minutes on a scene, whether it be a vehicle crash or a fire.

“The training will cover everything from where you should park your equipment to who’s in charge,” stated Hoover.

The 110th annual convention will wrap up on Saturday, but not until local residents line the streets for a festive firemen’s parade. All local companies, including those who are not members, have been invited to attend the judging and parade, Hoover said.

Judging will be held at the Fulton County Fairgrounds between 9 a.m. and noon. Unlike prior parades, the parade line up will begin at the fairgrounds and wind its way down Lincoln Way to the McConnellsburg Firehall.

Among those to be honored during the parade are 50-yearplus members of the Mc- Connellsburg Volunteer Fire Co., who will travel the parade route in the company’s antique equipment. Hoover said McConnellsburg resident K.G. Richards has been a member the longest, and will hopefully be in attendance for the much-anticipated parade.

Borough residents, especially those residing along Lincoln Way, are encouraged to express their support and patriotism by displaying their flags on parade day.

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