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40 Years Ago

From The Files Of August 12, 1971


The story of Susan Martz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Martz of

Hustontown, will appear in illustrated storybook form designed to show that heroism is not just physical bravery and will be used in teaching fourth, fifth and sixth graders who have not yet learned to read. The book in which her story will be told will be published by Prentice-Hall Inc., but will not be sold to the general public.

The golden anniversary fair of Fulton County will open on Sunday, August 22.

State police are looking for three men in a maroon-colored car with New Jersey license plates who robbed an elderly county couple of $500 in cash by trickery. Mrs. Dottie Schooley, 73, McConnellsburg, whose farm home is located along the Patterson Run Road, told police that on Saturday, a car drove up to her house and a man knocked at the door, saying he wished to check the lightning rods to see if they were grounded properly. Her husband, Norman, was working in the fields at the time, so Mrs. Schooley accompanied the man to the barn, out of sight of the house. The man explained that the ground wires from the lightning rods were faulty. It was not until six o’clock that evening that Mrs. Schooley discovered that her brown leather pocketbook was missing from an upstairs bedroom. The pocketbook contained $500 in cash and two savings account bank books.

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Culler were honored at an open house at their home for a 50th wedding anniversary on Sunday, July 18.

Donald Russell Buterbaugh of Big Cove Tannery has enlisted in the U.S. Navy and is presently undergoing basic training at the Naval Recruit Training Center at Great Lakes, Ill.

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Lorentz are visiting their son, Kit, who is stationed with the Peace Corps on an island in the Pacific.

Deaths: John Gordon, Chambersburg; Ellis Black, York.

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Lester Guessford of Dover on July 31; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Stahl of Mercersburg on August 2; a son to Mr. and Mrs. James McCarty of Hancock on August 3; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Ray Clevenger of Marion, N.Y., on August 4; twins, a boy and a girl, to Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Mc- Conaughey of Saltillo on August 4; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Knepper of Hustontown on August 5.

On July 30 Mr. and Mrs. Amos Ward of Warfordsburg celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary. They are the parents of 13 children.

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