2011-07-28 / Local & State

Commissioners Weigh Options For Jail Roof

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

Hearing there could be additional deterioration in the roof of the sheriff’s office, the Fulton County commissioners spoke with an architect Tuesday morning to weigh options at their disposal.

During a conference call, Brian Haines of Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates reported an engineer had previously inspected the sheriff’s office, also referred to as the jail, and has since devised an assessment of the existing issues. The engineer, according to Haines, determined dry rot existed on the rafters and therefore approximately 250 square feet of roof deck required replacing.

That scope of work had already been approved by the commissioners. However, workers on site have now located additional rot on top of rafters that was not visible from below, Haines said. Haines reportedly met earlier in the week with officials from Palmer Construction, who are suggesting the county either replace at least an additional 250 square feet of roof deck or cover the entire roof with oriented strand board (OSB).

The cost quoted to the commissioners for the two options were $1,950 to replace 500 square feet of deck and $4,070 for 70 sheets of OSB and 20 hours of labor.

Haines noted the costs proposed were “reasonable” and “not a bad thing overall.” He added, though, he was fearful that the open-endedness of the proposal for replacing “at least” an extra 250 square feet of roof deck could lead to even higher costs if additional damage is found.

“You still don’t know what your final budget is for this building, but the roof is a major part, stated Haines. “You’re probably at $15,000 with the roof right now.”

The commissioners appeared to agree collectively that it may be prudent to cover the entire roof with OSB and create almost a double roof of sorts. Commissioner David Hoover stated they could therefore “do it the right way” the very first time.

In the meantime, Haines was instructed to check on whether the overlay of the jail roof decking would be structurally sound.

In sitting down with human services administrator Jean Snyder, the commissioners approved the reallocation of unspent human service development funding (HSDF) to the Fulton County Partnership and the Area Agency on Aging. The partnership is slated to receive $10,000, and the agency is earmarked to get the remaining $2,959.

In addition, the commissioners signed off on a HSDF pre-expenditure plan for 2011-12 in the amount of $50,000.

An application totalling $5,700 was accepted for Licking Creek Township to receive liquid fuel funding.

The commissioners conducted a bid opening for a Hoyer Track Life System with accessible shower. The system is for a local client of the Area Agency on Aging. The commissioners recorded and tabled one bid from Custom Improvements totalling $15,201 for further review.

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