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Local Man Enters Plea In Drug Cases

Shane DeShong to be sentenced
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

Having appeared on unrelated charges last Tuesday, a Harrisonville man took his opportunity in the Fulton County Court of Common Pleas to enter pleas in two drug cases dating back to January and February.

Accompanied by defense attorney Dwight Harvey, Paul Shane M. DeShong pleaded guilty to one count each of possession and delivery of heroin before Judge Shawn D. Meyers. Sentencing is tentatively scheduled for September 11.

Charges against DeShong, 22, were filed on June 21 by an undercover officer with the Pennsylvania State Police in Hollidaysburg.

Affidavits of probable cause filed by the state police trooper maintain DeShong, of 1578 Forrestdale Road, allegedly met a confidential informant outside a Todd Township residence on January 20. The duo were observed “exchanging something” on the end of the sidewalk by the officer, who added the informant had purchased three foil wraps containing suspected heroin for $90 in marked bills.

Approximately one month later, the same officer hid in a bedroom closet at the same Todd Township home. The trooper said, in charging documents, $180 in confidential funds were placed on the bedroom dresser.

“This officer observed DeShong from inside the closet. He spoke with the confidential informant about getting the heroin and that he could get off a few people, but they would not be home for a while,” the affidavit alleged. “DeShong stated that he could get off one guy, but he would have to take the money and run and get the stuff.”

Having left with the money, DeShong reportedly returned to the home over an hour later on February 24.

“DeShong stated that his guy only had five bags and that was all he could get ... . The confidential informant advised DeShong to put the heroin in his top dresser drawer for now because he was going to take a nap,” said the affidavit of probable cause. Five paper wrappers of suspected heroin were removed from the top right-hand dresser drawer, police added.

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