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70 Years Ago

From The Files Of July 31, 1941


Mrs. Virginia Lynch and Mrs. Ellis

Lynch motored to Baltimore on Monday, bringing home the latter’s husband who had undergone an operation for goiter at a hospital there.

Pvt. James Christian is now stationed at Bolling Field, Va.

The ladies of the Methodist Church of Burnt Cabins gave a surprise kitchen shower at the Denton Gallaher home in honor of their daughter, Nancy, who was recently married to Clarence Hess.

Under the direction of the fire company, the American Legion and the Lions Club, a drive for scrap aluminum was conducted here on July 30 to aid the national defense effort. The newly organized Boy Scouts collected the aluminum. Together with contributions from other collection centers throughout the county, approximately enough aluminum was gathered to build one pursuit plane.

Dale Sproul and Nellie Akers were married on July 14.

Five persons were injured near Shade Gap on Saturday afternoon when cars operated by Hugo J. Tacchi of Harrisburg and M.G. Cline of Knobsville collided at an intersection. Four of the injured were from Harrisburg, while Cline suffered lacerations of the face and arm and possible internal injuries. He was admitted to Huntingdon Hospital for treatment. Damage to the Cline ford was estimated at $125 and to the Tachhi car at $650.

Dick Akers, 12-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Akers of Ayr Township, received a broken arm and leg on Monday morning when he was hit by a car on Lincoln Way East. The lad stepped from behind a threshing machine that was passing through town into the path of the car. He was taken to Everett Hospital.

Dale Waters and Beryl Varner were married on July 18.

Hazel M. Plessinger of Webster Mills has been appointed as junior assignment clerk with the bureau of Animal Industry in Harrisburg at a salary of $1,020.

Superintendent of Schools Harold C. Welsh is seriously ill at this time with pneumonia.

Word has been received here that George T. “Ted” Hamil, who enlisted in the army last spring, has arrived safely in Hawaii.

Mrs. Leah ( Barnett) Everts of Hancock underwent an operation for appendicitis on Saturday morning at Hagerstown Hospital.

The following teachers have been named in Taylor Township: Miss Eleanor Edwards, Waterfall; Miss Lois Madden, Gracey; Mrs. Orval G. Wiley, Winegardner; Lemuel Kirk, Wintergreen; Ray Hess, Hustontown grade and William Ranck, Laidig.

John Henry of Huntingdon, who has a pilot’s license, flew an airplane to Fort Littleton on Sunday morning and took several of his friends for a ride.

Little Jay Newman of Waterfall fell last week and broke an arm.

Farmers are busy finishing the hay harvest and cutting oats.

The callithumpian band played some fine music for Mr. and Mrs. Dale Waters on Monday evening and for Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hess on Tuesday evening.

Lewis Cunningham has purchased the Mack Chesnut farm.

Born: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Harry McQuait of Cito.

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