2011-07-21 / Correspondents' Notes


By Kate Berkstresser

It seems as we are having some of those real hot, humid July days. We sure could use some rain, but we just have to deal with it.

Our sympathy is extended to the family and relatives of Mary Mort, who passed away over the weekend.

Harold Berkstresser visited with Kate Berkstresser Sunday afternoon.

Happy birthday wishes to


Bennett, July

14; Jonathan


July 21; Morgan Mundorff, July 24; and Debbie Mundorff, July 26.

Becky Cutchall was speaker at Knobsville and Fairview U.M. churches on Sunday while Pastor Bill is on vacation.

June Bennett visited Friday with Kate Berkstresser and also visited Jerry and Fran Mellott.

Glad to hear Fran is doing well after surgery and will be fully recovered soon.

We hear Morris Crouse hasn’t been feeling up to par. We send speedy recovery wishes his way.

Road construction is still in progress on Rt. 475 so you may be delayed a few minutes.

Household Hint: Remove crayon marks: Scrub with toothpaste, then rinse and wipe, or put a little ammonia on a cloth and rub the marks, rinse and dry immedidately. Do not use on finished furniture.

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