2011-07-14 / Obituaries

In Memory


In memory of Bob Earley:

It has been a year since you left me, but you are not forgotten. Someday we will meet again.

I live with your memories and the happiness we shared for 20 years.

Until we meet again,

Love you,

Your wife,

Mary “Cacky” Earley


In loving memory of Ricky Wilson, 1958-2010:

It will soon be a year since you left us. It seems like it was only yesterday that we were together.

There is not a day or night that we don’t think about you. You may not be here, but you are not forgotten.

You left us with good memories, which we will always cherish.

It broke our hearts to lose you but you fought so hard to stay

But when we saw you sleeping so peaceful and free of pain, we couldn’t wish you back again.

You are forever in our hearts, Ricky.

Mom and family

Wife Sally and sons


In memory of George E. Maney III, July 13, 1957 (Phillipsburg, Pa.) – April 25, 2011 (Pendleton, N.Y.): We hold you close within our hearts And there you shall remain To walk with us throughout our lives Until we meet again. So rest in peace Dear loved one And thanks for all you’ve done We pray that God has given you The crown you’ve truly won.

Loved and missed by

His family

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