2011-07-14 / Correspondents' Notes

Our Town

By Kay McGarvey

Mary Deshong is back at her apartment and improving more each day. She was a patient at Fulton County Medical Center for several weeks.

Hannah McGarvey, along with her parents, Toby and Dena, and brother Tobias, celebrated her 13th birthday with a day of bowling at Lincoln Lanes on Saturday and a lunch later at Hoss Steakhouse.

Visiting with Sylvia Peck over the Fourth of July weekend was her brother, Harold A. Spade, of Virginia Beach, Va.

Dick Ray is now a patient in Fulton County Medical Center recovering from hip surgery. His birthday is on Thursday, July 12, if anyone wishes to send a card. He would enjoy them.

The descendants of the late Richard and Madeline McQuait held their annual reunion on Saturday at the Edenville Community Building.

Harry and Carolyn Kline of Harrisonville and Elliott and Sandy Deshong of Chambersburg attended the birthday celebration of Clyde Conell at Hoss’ in Bedford on Saturday, July 8.

Happy anniversary to Tim and Diane Hann on July 19.

Birthday wishes to Jack Deshong Sr., 80 years old on July 10; Pat Bingaman, July 15; Nikki Smith, July 15; Chase Howell, one year old on July 15; McKenzie Hann, July 18; Doug Ray, 58 on July 16. Doug is still a patient in Fulton County Medical Center. Anyone wishing to send him a card, his room number is 209A. More birthdays: Carole Mellott, July 18; Bill Yocum and Sue Tomlinson, July 16; Rodney Kelly, July 16; Nancy Buterbaugh, July 18; Shirley Sample, July 19; Dave Seville, 59 on July 16; Stanton Souders, 17 on July 19; Mary Keener, July 15; Lisa Daniels, July 15; and Tobias McGarvey, 5 years old on July 20.

A well-attended 50th wedding anniversary open house was held on Sunday, July 10, for John and Karen Bishop in their home by their family. Everyone had a very enjoyable time.

Visiting with Lee and Sharon Glazier for 10 days is their grandson, Jared of Massachusetts.

Re-Creation performed at McConnellsburg High School on Saturday night and McConnellsburg United Methodist Church on Sunday. Ryan Chamberlain from here was one of the singers.

Logan Cunningham and Amanda Price were married Saturday, July 9, in Sideling Hill Christian Church, with a a reception following at the American Legion.

Tony Weller Howell has taken over the management of the local FOVA. She has been employed there for a number of years in other positions.

Knobsville Singles held a picnic on Monday at James Buchanan’s Birthplace.

Don’t forget the Wells Tannery Homecoming and parade on Saturday, July 30.

The last historic shuttle launch, “Atlantis,” was Friday, July 8, at Kennedy Space Center.

Visiting with Paul and Jane MacDonald recently were Paul’s nephew, Dr. Brent Paterson, assistant director of student affairs of the Illinois State University, and his wife, Dr. Jan Paterson, dean of students, and children Heather and Megan. The last time they visited was nine years ago to celebrate the MacDonalds’ 50th wedding anniversary.

Lance Cpl. Ty Trainor returned home from Afghanistan on July 3. He was able to visit family and friends in Needmore. His parents are Susan and Richard Trainor of Needmore.

Quotable Quotes: “Without geography you’re nowhere!”

It Happened This Week: In 1902 air conditioning was used in a building for the first time when Willis Haviland Carrier installed a cooling system in a printing plant in New York City.

Country Shortcut: To neatly serve a pie with a crumb crust just place it on a hot, wet towel for a few minutes. The slices don’t stick to the bottom so they’ll come out perfect.

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