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Swope Family Holds Reunion

The descendants of the late Andrew and Iola Swope held their 53rd reunion June 26 at the Needmore Boy Scout grounds. Rev. William Swope called the family together, and Rev. Willis Swope had prayer.

Two daughters and one daughter-in-law are still living. Della was unable to attend for health reasons.

Six new babies were born since the last reunion. Those who signed the book were:

Evelyn Clouch, Will and Barb Swope, Mike Swope, Lori Muliga and Ryan, Bill and Arletta Swope, Edna McDaid, Misty, Dakota, Donad and Laura McDaid, Cloyd and Ruth Swope, Cindy, Austin, J.T., Bobby, Alixis Jessie, Keion Gress, Danielle, Donald, Zack, Brady, Serenity, Lacey, Victoria Swope, Rhonda Lynch, Michael, Samantha and Ethan Sowers, Jim, Charlene, Erin and Jeremy Post, Joyce and Becky Lynch, Jaya Rudiout, Jennifer, Logan and Kylie Garland, Mildred Swope, Ken and Diana Swope, Audrey Double, Debra Long, Forest Musick, Mallory, Weylan, Myles Gress, Donald and Betty Swope, Codie Swope, Jimmy and Jaynee Hendershot, Charles and Tina Swope, Zach, Scott, Jacob Swope, Ralph and Peg Swope, Greg, Heather and Paige Swope, Brice and Tyler Morningstar, Scott and Megan Swope, Josh, Karla, Jonathan and Kaden Shadle, Sue Swope, Tayler, Kelsi Swope, Hap and Jeanne Swope, Michael, Jeanne and Janey Snyder, Betty Mellott, Pauline and Kevin Lynch, Tina Raindsey, Chris Trumbue, Malaki, Blair, Alexis Huber, Donalda nd Joan Snyder, Maggie Cunningham.

Next year’s reunion will be the last Sunday in June.

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