2011-06-30 / Sports

Little League Results

Fulton County Little League results for the week are as follows:

A’s 17 Yankees 6

Winning pitcher was Trey Kennedy. Home runs by Kennedy, Logan Souders, Logan Grubb and Chase Novak (2), all for the A’s.

Royals 16 Pirates 3

Winning pitcher was Garrison Crouse. Home runs by Gage Mellott and Weylin Mitchell (Royals).

Dodgers 25 Braves 0

Winning pitcher was Kole Kendall. Home run by Aaron Schepis (Dodgers).

Pirates 8 Yankees 5

Winning pitcher was Matthew Huston. Home run by Colby Maun (Pirates).

Royals 23 Braves 1

Winning pitcher was Rylan Parson. Home runs by Garrison Crouse (2), Dylan Gordon and Gage Mellott (all Royals).

A’s 8 Dodgers 3

Winning pitcher was Chase Novak, a 5-hitter with two earned runs and nine strikeouts. Home runs by Quintin Miller (Dodgers) and Novak and Trey Swope (A’s).

Dodgers 10 Pirates 2

Winning pitcher was Quintin Miller (3 hitter with 10 strikeouts). Home runs by Miller (Dodgers).

Last week home runs were by Jaydon Seville during the Yankees vs. Braves games.

Standings Royals 15 3 A’s 12 4 Dodgers 13 5 Pirates 8 9 Yankees 4 14 Braves 0 17

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