2011-06-30 / Letters

Country’s Foundation Is Crumbling

To The Editor:

I suppose the older we get, the more the “good ole’ days” seem to appeal. Our parents felt the same way, their parents did and so on. Technical advances are tough to understand, what the kids call music is way too loud and much of the stuff we grew up with is in the landfill or the museum. And if our old standards and values slow the dizzying pace of what this generation identifies as “progress,” they belong in the dadgum museum, as well. Really?

There are standards and values that are quite simply critical blocks in the foundation of a civilized existence. Start chipping away at that foundation and the house will eventually collapse. Honesty, integrity, work ethics, courage, self-discipline, self-respect, compassion, a sense of fair play, common courtesy and just plain common sense are some of the principles our old houses were built on. Obviously, not everyone grew up so inclined. Politicians, for instance, spring to mind.

“Ah, you’re asking a leopard to change its spots,” you say. “It’s just the nature of the beast and we’re not gonna change that.” Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Arnold and most recently Anthony Weiner are all fine examples of just that kind of beast. I doubt that I’d be too far off the mark if I was willing to bet that their constituents got the same treatment their wives did.

The point is they were elected. In many cases they were re-elected in spite of their obvious shortcomings. They were elected by a county, state or country that lately seems to be equally void of the standards, values and principles we grew up with. The result is that God, Christianity and the Constitution are now disposable. We’re in debt to China. A ridiculous cost of living, higher taxes, wasted revenue, unemployment, socialized medicine, over regulation, illegal immigration, scandals and lies are what we are force-fed by the politicians we chose to look after our interests. It’s disgusting. How in Sam Hill can we be the least bit in favor of or, comfortable with this? How can we continue to allow it?!

It is widely suggested that we are indeed at a tipping point. Democracies only last for about 200 years anyway and they all go about the same way ours is. Can’t we learn from history? Do we just watch our house collapse? Or, do those of us whose stomachs turn at the very thought stand up, get angry and do something about it! We all have to learn what’s going on, object, write letters, join influential organizations, show up at meetings and make it clear that the silent and principled majority is not in favor of nor comfortable with what amounts to a crumbling foundation.

This is not hopeless and we are not helpless. The last election sent that message. If our old house falls, we will have allowed it to happen.

Bill Watson


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