2011-06-23 / Obituaries

In Memory

By Ron Tranmer


In memory of Vera Strait, who passed away on June 21, 2003:


It’s been eight years since the Lord called you home on that warm, summer day.

To me it seems like only yesterday you were here. Oh, how I cried that day when your heart stopped beating and you had taken your last breath of air. And I knew you were gone home to be with the Lord, where you would no longer have any pain and suffering.

You may be gone from here, but your memories I will always have. For they are close to my heart always.

Love and miss you always

Your granddaughter



In loving memory of Leah Brady Gordon, who left us 15 years ago on June 17, 1996:

A Perfect World In a perfect world, Death would never be Love would be forever, And last eternally. In a perfect world, You’d still be by our side, Lighting up our happy lives You never would have died. In a perfect world, Sadness would not be found Love and life and happiness Forever would abound Perhaps that perfect world Awaits us when we die. A world where eternal bliss Is found in heaven’s sky. We’ll cling to faith and hope For God is a God of love And in His time we’ll join you In a perfect world above

Sadly missed by your family

Johnny and Judy Brady and family

Reuben and Sharlene Brady and family

Lamont and Alma Brady and family

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