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Strawberry Festival Baby/Toddler Contest Needs Revamping

To The Editor:

I would like to take this time to comment on this year’s Strawberry Festival.

First: The baby/toddler contest should be revised for next year. Every mother would like something to put in a baby scrapbook for their child. A ribbon and a storybook would be nice. You can get great buys at the Dollar Tree stores.

Also, any parent who enters their child in this contest should make sure they are there for the Saturday presentaiton of awards. The child that won the toddler contest should not have received it because she wasn’t there. Out of about seven children entered in this contest, only two were there in attendance. It should have been given to one of those children.

No child in this contest should have received a trophy, a necklace and a basket of toys when the other children didn’t receive anything from the chamber. The children who were in the contest did receive a ribbon for showing up on Saturday. That ribbon was made by me, because I believe every child should have something to show for their efforts. I would have bought something for the other children, but was told I couldn’t because I wasn’t a chamber member. Yet, my money is good enough to throw away to the Chamber of Commerce in buying food and votes.

Of all the hundreds of dollars the chamber made at this event and all the sponsors, none of them came up with an idea to spend their money wisely. How much trouble would it have been to print up little certificates or ribbons stating that even the kids in the coloring contest entered the Strawberry Festival coloring contest?

I hope next year the chamber has something for these kids entering the contests, and has something for all of them. After all, you made big bucks in the baby/toddler votes and at the food stand, and you are supposed to have sponsors that donate items as prizes. If people in the chamber office don’t know how to handle things, then I suggest hiring new people.

Michelle Foor


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