2011-06-23 / Correspondents' Notes


By Karen Grissinger

Belated birthday wishes to Jase Gahagan, Kelly Bingaman, John Edgell, Greg Edgin, Patrick Horne, Kristin Diehl, Dick Armagost Sr., Sharon Horne,

Kevin Fleck and James


Birthday wishes to Braden Taylor, Kris Kelly, Terry Mills, Adam Benson, Mark Stevens, Kim Forslund, Jayden Mitchell, Tyler Watkins, Dorothy Henry, Matt Greenland, Andy Mills, Alicia Hamman, Gary Foor, Brayden Locke, Clay Patterson and Olivia Naugle.

Special 27th birthday wishes to Tammy Grissinger on June 29.

Anniversary wishes to Curt and Amy Patterson, Nelson and Janet Brown, Ken and Daphne Fraker, Kris and Shelly Kelly, and Rodney and Carol Roher.

Also anniversary wishes to Lester and Dolores Swope, Bill and Linda Livezey, Rod and Cheryl Cutshall, Kenny and Kristi Watkins, Bob and Faith Anderson, Wayne and Mary Mort, and Charlie and Mary Cutshall.

Get well wishes to Irene Park, Sue Fleming, Gerald Anderson, Eloise Swope, Neva Fleming, Lynn Knepper, Dick Rhoades and Mary Mort.

Esther Grissinger has been a patient in the hospital this past week. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Brayden and Cameron Locke enjoyed the weekend with their grandparents, Gordon and Donna Locke.

Heather Locke was a patient in Fulton County Medical Center recently. We send her get well wishes.

A very special thank-you is extended to everyone who donated and participated in the Angel Wings first annual Matt Murphy tribute ride last Saturday. Deep appreciations goes out to Hilda Wilson, Tammy Cantrell, Danny Murphy, Danny Shoop, Joanne Wakefield, Shade Gap Volunteer Fire Co. and auxiliary, Dana Whitsel, Brenda Williams, Rick and Tonya Doyle, and >Carolyn Roher >for your extreme generosity and help with preparations, cooking and cleanup.

The Semple and Wagner families would like to thank everyone for their support and prayers >for Stephanie and Justin.

Birthday visitors for Ruth Grissinger last Sunday were Nora Grissinger, James Locke and Deb Snyder.

The annual Fraker-Gobin reunion will be held on July 10 at the pavilion located on the property of Ken and Daphne Fraker.

Get well wishes and prayers for Delmar Ulsh, who was in a motorcycle accident with a deer. If you would like to send him a card, his address is: UPMC Presbyterian Hospital, 9G Room 924, 200 Lothrop St., Pittsburgh, PA.

More than 40 folks from Immanuel Bible Church attended the Altoona Curve game on Saturday evening. One of the Curve’s mascots, “Steamer,” made a pit stop and visited with the church group.

Walnut Group ladies prayer group visited Cordell Gardens near Waynesboro on Saturday morning. Later, they enjoyed lunch at Mountain Gate Restaurant and, of course, a stop at Wal- Mart.

On a recent Sunday afternoon Walnut Grove senior youths travelled to McVeytown, to Help Me Rhonda’s for lunch and on to Lewistown where they ended up at Wal-Mart. They finished their day with a stop on the way home for ice cream.

Roger and Pat Ramsey visited with Brian, Emily and Micah Ramsey on Sunday afternoon.

Visiting recently with the Steve and Karen Grissinger family were Ramon Martin, Tom and Mamie Streightiff, Maddison Wible, Brent Carlson, Travis and Tristen Hall, and Donna Locke.

Three Springs Volunteer Fire Co. will hold a chicken barbecue meal on Sunday, June 25, beginning at 11 a.m.

Walnut Grove Church of God held a graduation meal on Sunday for graduates Kelssey Park and Brittany Mellott.

Steve, Karen and Tammy Grissinger and Ramon Martin visited with Mike, Patty, Chris, Kevin and Dolores Pintozzi, Marty and Denise Sinkiewicz, and Steve, Sue, Ben and Robyn Haines last weekend. The group enjoyed some boating, fishing and relaxing.

Immanuel Bible Church will host Bible School July 24-29. A pool party will follow on August 5.

A sportsmen’s outreach will be held at Immanuel Bible Church on August 20 with speakers, prizes and good food. The Wissmann Family will present a concert following the sportsmen’s outreach program.

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