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Boro Discusses Stormwater, Zoning

Agrees to more discussion, amendment on zoning prior to OK’ing ordinance
By Jean Snyder

McConnellsburg Borough Council met with the county’s chief clerk to discuss stormwater drainage, compromised on a request from a realtor regarding a zoning issue and held a lengthy discussion on its proposed new zoning ordinance at its regular meeting last Wednesday evening.

County Chief Clerk Dan Swain met with the council to discuss how the county is addressing stormwater drainage issues with regard to the county renovation project. After Swain discussed the steps the county is taking, he asked the council to consider putting an inlet on West Walnut Street to assist with the draining. After discussion, council decided to delay its decision on the inlet pending the county’s completion of the project.

Council members also met with a local realtor who asked for a letter from council advising that it would never allow an East Market Street property to be further subdivided. The realtor said the mortgage lender asked for the assurance so the property could not be subdivided and sold off making the original property worth less than the appraised value for the mortgage. Council responded that it could not make such a ruling, but did assure the realtor that if the property owner did consider subdividing, they would need to come before council for permission to do so.

Councilman Pat Booth asked council members to review the proposed zoning ordinance. Booth proceeded to go through the ordinance and drew attention to Section Four, which Booth considers to be far too restrictive for McConnellsburg. He discussed required setbacks for fences, the prohibition of chainlink fences in front of homes, the limit on number of days yard sales can be held, political signs, serving vehicles outside, satellites not permitted above the roof peak and required screening for heat pumps.

Both Councilman Rick Buterbaugh and Councilwoman Pat Frazier reminded Booth that the borough is under no obligation to pass the sample ordinance provided by the county’s planning office. It was suggested that instead of discussing the ordinance in detail at the meeting, a workshop be held for the purpose of addressing Booth’s concerns.

During other business, council voted to close Third Street from Maple Street to Cherry Street for Friday and Saturday of this weekend for the Strawberry Festival.

Council passed Ordinance No. 3 of 2011 which names the Fulton County Tax Commission as the sole collector of earned income tax in the county. The Tax Commission has assigned the duties of the collection to Capital Tax Collection Bureau, a Harrisburg-based company.

Council refused a request for a donation from the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter. According to borough secretary Jack Fields, the borough pays the shelter $90 for every stray cat taken to the shelter if the mayor or council president gives permission for the transfer.

Council also reminded residents that burning of leaves or trash in the borough must be done in an incinerator or barrel and can only be done during daylight hours.

Regular business

Council approved the payment of two bills from the Liquid Fuel Fund: $2,242.50 for street sweeping and $100 for repair of the borough tractor.

Council also approved the payment of workers’ compensation insurance in the amount of $13,400. The borough’s share of the bill is $2,693 while Ayr Township will contribute $4,272, Todd Township, $3,359, and Licking Creek Township, $1,250. The shares are determined according to population.

Council approved payment of May bills in the amount of $57,329.09. Receipts for the same period were $10,280.01. Checks were written for $31,795.91, leaving a June 1 balance of $35,804.19.

Council members present included Travis Bard, Pat Frazier, Pat Booth, Rick Buterbaugh, Mack Shaffer, David Washabaugh, Jim Smith and Mayor Mike Chilcote.

Borough Council meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Fulton House. The next regularly scheduled meeting is July 6, 2011.

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