2011-05-26 / Sports

Path Valley Results

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: 1. Josh Walstrum (Fannettsburg), 2. Raymond Middaugh, 3. D.J. Keefer, 4. Justin Rasp, 5. Kyle Martin, 6. Jacob Carbaugh, 7. Jeremy Moore, 8. Chaz Clouser, 9. Ralph Dishong

270cc Micro Sprint: 1. Sean McAndrew (Apollo, Pa.), 2. Bryce Stephens, 3. Jason Houtz, 4. Eric Forsythe, 5. Ben Houtz, 6. Cory Shifflett, 7. Tyler Reich, 8. Jerry Palm, 9. Don Roush.

4-Cylinder Strictly Stock: 1. Steven Jacobs ( St. Thomas).

6-Cylinder Strictly Stock: 1. Gary Guise (Biglerville, Pa.).

8-Cylinder Strictly Stock: 1. Ray Duffy (Hustontown), 2. Austin Johnson.

Mini Stock: 1. Ryan Laye (Ft. Loudon), 2. Gerald Varner, 3. Jodie Varner, 4. Eric Grubb.

May 29 results

270cc Micro Sprint: 1. Mason Peters (Shickshinny, Pa.), 2. Levi Peck, 3. Jason Houtz, 4. Jacob Shatz, 5. Ben Houtz, 6. Curtis Brown, 7. Jason Stahl.

600cc Micro Sprint: rained out, makeup feature June 3.

305 Sprint: rained out, makeup feature June 18.

Sidewinder: rained out, makeup feature June 17.

4-Cylinder Thunder Car: rained out, makeup feature May 27.

Mini Stock: rained out, makeup feature June 3.

Coming this weekend:

May 27: George’s Used Car Night - 270cc & 600cc Micro Sprints, 4-Cylinder Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks, Late Models, and Super Stocks, plus a makeup feature for the 4-Cylinder Thunder Cars

May 28: Strictly Stocks, 270cc Micro Sprints, Street Stocks, and vintage cars, plus a kids candy scramble

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