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Healthy Vision Month To Focus on Eye Exams

Millions of people in the United States have undetected vision problems and eye conditions. The South Central Blind Association (SCBA) along with the National Eye Institute (NEI) needs your help by encouraging people in your community, friends and family to schedule eye exams. Through a comprehensive dilated eye exam, eyecare professionals can detect common vision problems and eye disease, many of which have no early warning signs.

May has been recognized by NEI as “Healthy Vision Month” and is an annual observance to keep vision a health priority for the nation. SCBA is helping to raise awareness about eye health and the importance of dilated eye exams throughout Pennsylvania.

Different from a basic eye exam one has to get for glasses or contact lenses, comprehensive dilated eye exams can help protect your sight by making sure you are seeing the best and detecting eye diseases in their early stages, before vision loss has occurred. A comprehensive dilated eye exam includes the following;

Dilation – Drops are placed in your eyes to dilate, or widen, the pupils. Your eyecare professional will use a lens to examine your retina to look for signs of damage or other eye problems.

Tonometry – This test helps to detect glaucoma by measuring eye pressure. Your eyecare professional may direct a quick puff of air into the eye, or gently apply a pressure-sensitive tip near or against the eye.

Visual field test – The test measures your side (periphlet eral) vision.

Visual acuity test – This eye chart test measures how well you see at various distances.

To learn more visit our Web site at www.pablind.org, or visit the Healthy Vision Month Web site at www.nei.nih.gov/healthyvisio nmonth.

South Central Blind Association is located at 100 East Pitt Street, Suite 209, Bedford, Phone: 814.623.8214

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