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Tips For Selecting Summer Fruit

Some shoppers thump fresh summer fruit before buying it. Others squeeze it, sniff it or hold it aloft as they try to discern which is the freshest or sweetest or juiciest.

So what’s the proper way to pick the best summer fruits for your family?

Shoppers should remember that each fruit is different. With this in mind, the experts at FruitAndVeggie- Guru.com have put together some guidelines to help savvy consumers find the freshest fruits for their table:

Peaches: The reddest peaches aren’t always the ripest. The ones that taste the best should give with some pressure, have a strong aroma and no mushy or dark spots. If you need to ripen peaches put them into a brown paper bag on your countertop to soften over the course of a day or two.

Watermelons: If you want to thump a watermelon, go ahead, but be sure it has a hollow sound. A better test of freshness is to look for one that’s heavy for its size and that has a mild yellow underside.

Cherries: When picking cherries, opt for ones with a firm texture and deep red color. Beware of ones that are very soft or too dark.

Cantaloupes: These melons should give under soft pressure from your thumb and should have a yellowish tinge to their rinds. Cantaloupes with the stem attached are immature and won’t be the tastiest.

Be sure to wash all fruit before slicing into it, since any germs or bacteria on the skin will enter the fruit when your knife goes into it.

For more tips for choosing and eating fresh produce, visit FruitandVeggie- Guru.com.

Summer is the best time to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your family’s diet, since so many different varieties are at their freshest and tastiest.

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