2011-05-19 / Sports

Little League Results

A’s 14 Pirates 9

Winning pitcher was Logan Grubb. Home run by Grubb.

Royals 20 Dodgers 0

Winning pitcher was Dylan Gordon ( no hits, 10 strikeouts). Home runs by Whelan Mitchell and Garrison Crouse.

Royals 17 Yankees 14

Winning pitcher was Garrison Crouse. Home runs by Dylan Gordon (2), one a grand slam and Whelan Mitchell (1) and a walk-off grand slam by Garrison Crouse, all for the Royals. For the Yankees, Sean Smith a grand slam and Jaydon Seville.

Dodgers 13 Pirates 6

Winning pitcher was Quintin Miller. Home runs by Miller and Austin Schriever and Colby Maun.

A’s 25 Braves 5

Winning pitcher was Miguel Saldivar. Home run by Ethan Barclay.

Yankees 23 Braves 10

Winning pitcher was Grayson Hall. Home runs by Jaydon Seville and Keshawn Lester.

Royals 25 Braves 0

Winning pitcher was Rylan Parson. Home runs by Dylan Gordon (2), one a grand slam.

Standings Royals 5 0 A’s 4 2 Dodgers 4 2 Pirates 2 3 Yankees 2 4 Braves 0 6

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