2011-05-19 / Police Reports

Court Session Held May 10

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

Fulton County Court of Common Pleas Judge Carol L. Van Horn presided over a court session held Tuesday, May 10, in the Fulton County Courthouse.

 Jordon Lynn Castle, of Warfordsburg, was ordered by Judge Van Horn to complete 36 months in the Intermediate Punishment Program in connection with a third- degree felony theft charge. As part of his participation in IPP, Castle will also undergo five days in the Franklin County Prison, several months of electronic monitoring and complete 80 hours of community service.

As a convicted felon, Castle is unable to own or possess a firearm. Restitution ordered by the judge, which will be shared with two codefendants, includes $3,546.67 to Lee Schriever and $ 1,267.60 to Walter Schriever for a stolen all-terrain vehicle and dirt bike. Castle will also pay a $150 to the Fulton County Law Library and a $25 per month supervision fee.

 Kelly Jo Discher, of Oldtown, Md., was granted a continuance until she is able to complete her post-surgery rehabilitation. Discher, 35, previously entered a guilty plea to one count of criminal trespassing-breaking into a structure in connection with an incident on May 22, 2010.

 Fifty- three-year- old John Joseph Downey Jr. was sentenced to 60 months in IPP, which will include 90 days in the Franklin County Prison and six months on the SCRAM program. Guilty of driving under the influence, Downey will also complete 50 hours of community service and alcohol/highway safety school. He will pay $1,500 to the Fulton County Law Library, a $25-per-month supervision fee, an $84 lab user fee, $10 to EMS, $300 to the Substance Abuse Fund and $200 to M-Care. On an additional charge of operating a vehicle without required financial responsibility, Downey will pay a $300 fine, $10 to EMS and $30 to MCare.

 Beverly Louise Spriggs, 65, McConnellsburg withdrew her guilty pleas to one count each of possession with intent to deliver and possession of a controlled substance. The oral motion to have Spriggs’ pleas withdrawn was made by defense attorney Royce Morris, who noted there was a misunderstanding related to Spriggs’ criminal history.

The history, according to Fulton County District Attorney Travis Kendall, is linked to a 1993 conviction on drug-related charges. Kendall stated neither himself nor Morris were aware of the prior charge, and as a result a different sentence is now being proposed than what was previously agreed to.

Van Horn announced she was “irritated” and made reference to the court’s “wasted time” in preparing for this sentencing on two different occasions. She did, however, agree to withdraw Spriggs’ guilty pleas. The McConnellsburg woman will appear in court on July 12 for call of the criminal trial list.

 Husband and wife William Craig Carnell, 48, and Melissa Ann Carnell, 51, appeared in court for mandatory formal arraignment on a case being prosecuted by the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General. Melissa is charged with theft by unlawful taking, theft by failure to make required disposition of funds, conspiracy and theft by unlawful taking, and William is charged with two counts of theft by unlawful taking and one count of conspiracy.

The Carnells entered a plea of not guilty to all allegations, which occurred between late 2005 and early 2008. During that time frame, the Carnells became powers of attorney for the two im- mediate family members and approximately $228,000 was allegedly misappropriated. They will next appear in court on July 12 for call of the criminal trial list.

 Needmore resident Gary Lynn Sheeder was admitted into the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program on charges of indecent assault, indecent assault forcible compulsion, unlawful restraint and harassment. Sheeder, 44, will accordingly complete 12 months probation.

 Justin David Wolfe, of Greencastle, failed to appear in court for mandatory arraignment on charges of the use or possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a small amount of marijuana and the corruption of minors. A bench warrant was issued for Wolfe’s arrest.

 Tiffany Marie Hopkins, 27, of McConnellsburg, appeared in court last Tuesday for a parole/probation-violation hearing. Hopkins admitted to failing to complete her participation in the Day Reporting Center and refraining from the use of controlled substances. She was sent to the Muncy state correctional institution where she will undergo an evaluation to determine her eligibility for the state intermediate punishment program.

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