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FCMC Smoking Cessation Class Completed


Quitting team Karen Moore and her daughter, Dawn Mahoney. Quitting team Karen Moore and her daughter, Dawn Mahoney. Fulton County Medical Center completed its first eight-week smoking cessation program with the help of the Franklin/Fulton County Partnership. The class had 10 participants, three educators and one instructor. The class met one evening a week. Participants expressed that they were glad to be among others quitting. The unity and encouragement seemed to pull them through each week. FCMC will once again be a certified Freedom from Smoking facilitator under the direction of Deborah Mellott, respiratory therapist. FCMC has four staff members certified to not only teach the class but also to counsel patients in the hospital.

A completion ceremony was held Wednesday evening. Karen Moore and her daughter, Dawn Mahoney, were a great quitting team. They encouraged each other throughout and especially through the quit week. Dawn said, “The first thing I noticed after quitting was my food tasted better. I’m proud of my Mom for quitting. She has smoked for 47 years. My kids mean the most to me. I’m inspired each day to know that I am healthier and will live a better lifestyle and enjoy many more years with them.” Karen ended the classes, saying, “I’m so grateful for these meetings at the Medical Center. I didn’t have to travel over the mountain, and I feel much better since I quit smoking”.

The program starts with understanding addiction, and tobacco education, followed by working on self and stress management, triggers, help medications, a quit plan, overcoming cravings and other symptoms. The class quit smoking week four of the program. The following weeks were filled with coping strategies, lifestyle changes, changing self-image and relapse prevention.

Fulton County Medical Center will hold Freedom from Smoking classes several times a year. The next session begins May 18, at 6:30 p.m. To register, call 485- 3155 ext. 6231.

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