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McCray, Cutchall, Dasher, Hoover Advance To Nov. Election

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

McCray McCray Thirty-one percent of Fulton County’s registered Democratic and Republican voters turned out at the polls on Tuesday to cast their vote in several key races including that of Fulton County commissioner.

Voters were instructed to vote for up to two from the sizeable poole of commis- sioner candidates on the ballot, leaving voters to ponder the tough question of who should oversee the County of Fulton for the next four years.

The race on both tickets was neckin neck for the majority of the evening making the race too close to call until the final two precincts, Taylor and Bethel townships, were tabulated.

On the Republican ballot, political newcomer Rodney Mc- Cray overw helming took the lead with 812 votes. With help from voters in his home township of Taylor, incumbent Commissioner Craig Cutchall pulled ahead for the party’s second nomination with 658 votes. Having fought a hard battle, former county EMA director Lisa Mellott-McConahy followed closely with 601 votes.

Cutchall Cutchall Rounding out the commissioners race were home builder Joseph Hagerty (442 votes); Mc- Connellsburg Borough Council Member Richard “Rick” Buterbaugh II (280); farmer Ricky Leese (182); and Borough Mayor Michael L. Chilcote Sr. (64).

On the Democratic ticket, local farmer and former commissioner candidate Irvin Dasher maintained a healthy lead throughout the evening and finished the commissioners’ race with 494 votes.

Dasher will be joined on the ballot this fall by incumbent David Hoover II, who was in a tight race throughout the tabulation process with Borough Council President Travis Bard. Hoover finished out the night with 391 votes in comparison to Bard’s 354.

Republican voters gave a nod of approval to numerous uncontested candidates during the primary election including District Attorney Travis Kendall (1,444 votes); Treasurer Monica Seville (1,516); and Coroner Berley Souders (1,497).

Dasher Dasher Meanwhile, an uncontested Keith Stains wrapped up the day with 1,542 for his re-election campaign for county sheriff. Stains will square off this fall against Democratic challenger Peggy Sue Bailey. In her second attempt to nab the position of sheriff, Bailey grabbed her party’s nomination with 353 votes.

County auditor Rebecca Kendall was joined on the Republican ballot Tuesday by Sandra R. Stenger. Voters were asked to vote for no more than two candidates, and Kendall and Stenger finished with 1,272 and 751 votes respectively.

Democrats Robert “Ray” Messick and Ellen R. Wagner are also vying for positions on the three-person auditors’ board. Wagner nabbed 476 votes from registered voters, and Messick followed with 353.

Hoover Hoover Listed on both the Republican and Democratic ballots, an uncontested Magisterial District Judge Devin Horne launched a success campaign for re-election in northern Fulton County. Horne finished with 482 votes from Republicans and 208 Democratic votes.

In a three-way race for magisterial district judge in the southern end of the county, attorney Tamela Mellott Bard, Belfast Township Supervisor Richard Harr and political newcomer Adrianne Leese-Gregory each secured votes for the seat currently occupied by Judge Carol Jean Johnson. Bard came out on top on both tickets with 390 votes from Republicans and 205 from Democrats. She will be the lone individual listed on the fall ballot.

Harr closed out the election with 242 (R) votes and 117 (D) votes. Leese-Gregory tallied 48 (R) and 21 (D) votes.

On the school front, voters supported four incumbents at the Central Fulton School District as well as one newcomer, while waving goodbye to the board’s longest running board member.

Retired teacher Gary Shives will return to the ballot this November as the largest vote recipient for both parties. The incumbent received 383 Republican votes and 240 Democratic votes. Shives was followed by newcomer and recently, retired Probation Office Chief Roger Strait with 364 (R) and 227 (D). Incumbent Cory Gress secured a third-place ranking with voters from both parties with 344 (R) and 194 (D).

Fellow incumbent Rick E. Marshall had 340 (R) votes and 187 (D) votes, while Christopher Hann will finish out this fall’s candidate listing after having secured 324 (R) and 185 (D).

Longtime Central Fulton School Board member Linda H. Garber will not be returning to the board room this December having lost both parties’ nominations. Garber closed out the day with 299 (R) and 182 (D) votes.

The Forbes Road School District will likely be welcoming three new members to the board room this December as a result of registered voters in Wells, Dublin and Taylor townships casting their votes. Longtime Elementary Principal Byron Helsel led the pack of seven proposed candidates, which were vying for five open seats. Helsel ended the spring election with 230 votes from registered Republicans and 108 Democratic votes. Other candidates receiving nominations were: incumbent Karen Peffer (225-R, 89-D); former district superintendent Dr. Merrill Arnold (207-R, 86-D); incumbent Teressa Bard (204-R, 87-D); and county Democratic party Chairman Rheon Gelvin (176-R, 115- D).

Candidates failing to receive a nomination for the November election were incumbent Deborah R. Strait, who tallied 174 Republican votes, and newcomer Rodney Varney (114-R, 58-D).

All six candidates for Southern Fulton School Board will see their names return to the ballot after having received nominations Tuesday. On the Republican ticket, the top five vote recipients were Timothy Mellott (428); Dale Sigel (392); Sam Souders (366); Danny Crouse (334); and David R. Smith (341). Board member Dwight Bard was the sixth person on the Republican ballot but did not receive a nomination after garnering only 315 votes.

On the Democratic side, Souders and Sigel led with 205 and 194 votes respectively. Bard had 156 votes for the nomination, and Crouse finished with 149.

Registered voters gave nominating votes in three contested township races. Belfast Township supervisor candidates Scott Smartt and John M. Keefer Jr. battled for the Republican nomination. Keefer came out on top with 122 votes in comparison to Smartt’s 73.

In Union Township, Republican voters had a choice of three candidates for the position of township supervisor. Robert Shipley prevailed for the party’s nomination after having secured 57 votes. Fellow candidates Adriel F. Fletcher Sr. and Paul Schriever followed with 29 and 22 votes respectively.

Iva Swindell and Robert “Ray” Messick had a close race in Licking Creek Township for the Democratic party’s nomination for auditor. Messick garnered a three-vote victory with 33 votes in comparison to Swindell’s 30.

Uncontested township races included:

Marlin Harr (R), Ayr supervisor - 172 votes

Rebecca Kendall (R), Ayr auditor - 174 votes

W. Matthew Shives (D), Belfast supervisor - 81 votes

Larry G. Mellott (R), Belfast auditor - 203 votes

Charles A. Poole III (D), Bethel supervisor - 61

Ruthann Golden (R), Bethel auditor - 123 votes

Jean Remsburg (R), Brush Creek supervisor - 76 votes

Robert Layton (D), Brush Creek supervisor - 31 votes

Diane E. Whiteside (D), Brush Creek auditor - 46 votes

George W. Black (R), Dublin supervisor - 118 votes

Edwin E. Swope (R), Licking Creek supervisor - 116 votes

Richard L. Buterbaugh II (R), McConnellsburg Borough Council - 55 votes

David A. Washabaugh IV (R), McConnellsburg Borough Council - 69 votes

Travis O. Bard (D), Mc- Connellsburg Borough Council - 46 votes

Peggy Gordon-Headley (R), McConnellsburg Borough auditor - 77 votes

John M. Black (R), Taylor supervisor - 135 votes

Boyd W. Gelvin Sr. (D), Taylor supervisor - 72 votes

Doris L. Knepper (R), Taylor auditor - 136 votes

Martha Berkstresser (D), Taylor auditor - 62 votes

D. Gene Mellott (D), Thompson supervisor - 68 votes

Dorothy J. Hixon (R), Thompson auditor - 72 votes

Mack M. Clevenger (R), Todd supervisor - 124 votes

Kaylie Oakman (R), Union tax collector - 99 votes

Kim R. Christian (D), Todd auditor - 70 votes

Tina R. Ford (R), Wells supervisor - 64 votes

Janis L. Helsel (R), Wells tax collector - 57 votes.

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