2011-05-05 / Local & State

Jury Appreciation Week May 8-14


WHEREAS: The right to a jury trial to all Americans was established by the Massachusetts Body of Liberties in 1641 and pre-dates the Bill of Rights which equalized the right of the poor and powerless with the privileges of the rich and powerful, and,

WHEREAS: All Americans have benefitted from the protection offered by the right to trial by jury, and,

WHEREAS: Every year over 74,000 Pennsylvanians serve in both civil and criminal trials and only when citizens support the jury system and appear when summoned can the pillar of our democracy fully protect the rights of all citizens, therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Pennsylvania State Association of Jury Commissioners have proclaimed the week of May 8-14, 2011, as Juror Appreciation Week in Pennsylvania.

Doretta K. Mellott
Glenn Ford,
Jury Commissioners

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