2011-05-05 / Local & State

Daley Family Eye Care Donates Frames To Lions Clubs

Dr. Eric Daley has announced that he is working with Lions Club International to donate eyeglass frames for its Lions Recycle For Sight program. This local contribution is part of a donation of approximately 850,000 frames. The eyeglass frames will be shipped to one of 10 Lions eyeglass recycling centers, where they will be cleaned and prepared for distribution by Lions and other groups.

Donated frames will be used both domestically and internationally to improve the vision of those who cannot afford eyecare. With the donated frames, trained Lion volunteers and eyecare professionals perform vision screenings and dispense the appropriate recycled glasses, free of charge, to needy children and adults.

Refractive errors can be easily corrected with eyeglasses, yet millions in developing nation lack access to basic eyecare services. According to the World Health Organization, the eyesight of approximately one-fourth of the world’s population can be improved through the use of corrective lenses.

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