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County Voices Support For Education Center

Resolution signed; photos information of veterans to be submitted
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

The Fulton County commissioners announced Tuesday their unanimous support for the construction of an educational center adjacent to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

The commissioners’ announcement was in response to a letter sent to countys associated with the statewide commissioners association. In his request, Jim Schall, County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania and Veterans Affairs Task Force, asked the commissioners to approve a resolution supporting the construction of the underground center and help locate photographs and supporting documentation of local war heroes to be displayed there.

Gen. Colin Powell is the honorary chair of the campaign to erect the Education Center at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Virtual Wall. The capital campaign to raise the needed $85 million in funding will hopefully be achieved through donations by corporations, organizations, unions and individuals. Groundbreaking will not occur until all necessary funding is received, according to reports, and construction is estimated to be completed in two years.

The Education Center at The Wall will include photos of men and women honored at the Vietnam

Veterans Memorial; tell stories of the patriots of the Vietnam War; share legacies of loyalty, courage and duty; and honor the service and sacrifices of all veterans and current military.

As Tuesday’s agenda moved forward, the commissioners, with assistance from Chief Clerk Dan Swain, worked on the draft of a supporting resolution. They also stated they planned to involve county Veterans Affairs Director Ed Stenger in the collection of photos and remembrances for the education center.

In other matters on May 3, the commissioners met with human services Director Jean Snyder pertaining to the Department of Public Welfare’s newest requirement that all Service for Children offices must use a Web-based child welfare system from Avanco International. The system can be interfaced with the SFC Quickbooks account system, Snyder noted.

As a result, the commissioners signed a provider service agreement with Avanco International effective July 1, 2001, through June 30, 2012. The expense related to the child accounting and profile system is slated to not exceed $10,000. In addition, Avanco will provide consulting and adhoc technology services to the county beginning April 1 and concluding June 30, 2012. Fee for the consulting services has been calculated at $3,000. The county’s share of the agreements will likely not exceed 25 percent.

Business manager Tim Stanton discussed an upcoming county auction and items to be placed up for sale.

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