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70 Years Ago

Fro The Files Of May 15, 1941

Deaths: Job G. Garland of Needmore; Mrs. Amos

S. Barber of near Needmore; William Lewis Gienger of Buck Valley.

As a tribute to its policy of printing the best news first, The Fulton County News was honored last week when H.R. Baukhage, the famous radio commentator at and special Washington correspondent for more than 2,000 newspapers, chose an item from an issue of several weeks ago and considered it interesting enough to include on his coast-to-coast broadcast on the National Farm and Home Hour, over a 112-station hookup of the NBC network. As a highlight of the conclusion of his program, he said, “My time is up, but I can’t omit one item just to change the subject. According to The Fulton County News of McConnellsburg, a two-headed lamb was reported by Harry Knepper of Knobsville. It died but Mr. Knepper is going to have it stuffed.” This item, of nationwide interest, made its first and only appearance in point through the columns of the “News.”

What came very near being a tragedy occurred at the home of Chester Decker of Harrisonville the latter part of last week. The family had gathered and had prepared to eat poke beans. After eating them, four members of the family, Mrs. Decker, Mrs. George Morton, a daughter, Iva, and a son,Wendell, were taken violently ill. Fortunately, Mr. Decker was at home, and he rushed them by auto to the Everett hospital where prompt treatment was immediately administered. This undoubtedly was all that saved their lives. The little son of Mr. and Mrs. George Morton had also eaten the greens but had partially recovered by the time the hospital was reached.

The newly organized Fort Littleton Rod and Gun Club will meet on Friday of this week.

More than 100 FFA boys, representing schools in Fulton and Franklin counties, toured the Monocoy Farms at Frederick, Md., on Saturday and judged all kinds of livestock. The winner of the judging contest was George Donnelly of Greencastle, while Guy Truax of Warfordsburg placed second and Howard Fix of Licking Creek placed third.

Guests of the Lions Club at its regular meeting on Tuesday were the members of the 1940 baseball team of Mc- Connellsburg. Robert Hamil, manager of the club, was the guest speaker and outlined the history of baseball in Mc- Connellsburg, urging that both organizations make every effort to promote better baseball this year.

Forrest Mellott, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Mellott, was happily surprised on May 8 when 13 of his little playmates gathered at his home to help celebrate his fifth birthday.

Four draftees from Fulton County left yesterday morning for Altoona for induction into the Army. They were Samuel Lee Strait of Harrisonville; Quentin R. Golden of Warfordsburg; Earl Sigel of Amaranth and Warren L. Peterson of Burnt Cabins. George W. Stenger of McConnellsburg also reported to Altoona, being a replacement. Another group of 190 men will go to Altoona within the next few days for physical exams under the state’s new setup, which gives draftees who passed their physical 10 to 30 days to wind up their business affairs before reporting for induction.

Homer Richards, 19, son of James Richards of Webster Mills, who had been a patient in Chambersburg Hospital since last October 10, suffering from severe body burns, died at 10:15 Monday morning. The youth sustained burns over two-thirds of his body when grease in the grease pit of a service station where he was working ignited.

The local board of assistance urges farmers or others who need hired hands to get in touch with the local office. Some men now drawing assistance payments, it appears, are able to work and the board is seeking jobs for them.

A 55-year-old McConnellsburg man, who had served eight months of a three-year term in the Allegeny County Workhouse on a charge of carrying an unlicensed pistol, was sentenced on Monday to serve an additional year on a charge of escaping from prison.

George Glunt Jr. and Dorothy Hoffman were wed May 5.

Mrs. William Hopkins and son Merrill left Sunday for Irvine, Pa., where Mrs. Hopkins’ only sister, Mrs. Richard Brown, and her daughter, Mrs. Walter Hall, 25, and granddaughter Rose Marie, 3, were killed in an automobile accident Saturday evening. The crash occurred when Mrs. Brown apparently lost control of the car, which ran off the road and crashed into a bridge. Four other children, 12, 7, 6 and 4 years old, were injured and taken to the hospital.

Melvin Cutchall returned home from the Chambersburg Hospital on Monday.

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