2011-05-05 / Entertainment

FR Elementary Presents Musical

Forbes Road Elementary Musical Cast Forbes Road Elementary Musical Cast On April 14 the thirdand fourth-grade classes at Forbes Road Elementary presented the musicale “Spaced Out! A Musical About Our Solar system And Beyond” by John Jacobson and Cristi Cary Miller.

The show featured six songs: “Blast Off,” “The Milky Way Rap,” “We’re As Different As Day And Night,” “Metero Shower,” “The Planets” and “One Small Step.”

The musical hoped to teach both the cast members and audience alike a little bit more about the solar system and the historical figures that have helped us explore it. It contained facts that are true as far as modern science can tell.

The cast included: soloist Faith Kennedy, Ethan Wright as the voice of Mission Control, Nicholas Goshorn (Hipparchus), Nicholas Reyan (Carl Sagan), Sierra Everhart ( Galileo), Logan Bickel (Aristotle, Tyler Ford (Copernicus), Brianna Waters (Sally Ride), Koby Hoffman ( Isaac Newton), Grayson Hall (Albert Einstein, Hunter Martz (Robert Frost), Brenden Lupey (Konstantin Tsiolkovsky), Levi Truax (Will Rogers) Justin Garman (President John F. Kennedy), Shelby Harnish

(Moon), Codi Brown ( Sun), Neveah Boden (Mercury), Harlie Strait (Venus), Shane Schepis (Earth), Kirk Metzner (Mars), Dontay Barthel (Jupiter), Hayley Dodson (Saturn), Olivia Seville (Uranus), William Bennage ( Neptune) and Nathaniel Wilt (Pluto).

Other speakers were: Madison Sullivan, Zoe Cutchall, Samantha Henry, Hunter Kerlin, Jasmine Richards, Nolan Wilt, Payton Watkins, Caleb Voegel, Madison roher, Brian Scanlon, Dakota Martz, Chloe Harrison, Ryan Fittry and Mara Broadwater.

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