2011-04-28 / Local & State

Jury List Announced

The following names were drawn by the president judge and Fulton County jury commissioners for the May session fo combined court to be held in the said county on the 23rd day of May, 2011, at 9 a.m., in the forenoon of that day: Wendy Akers, Needmore Georgia Barkdoll,

McConnellsburg Janet Barnett, Hustontown Jake Barry, McConnellsburg Randy Black, Harrisonville Janet Blankley, Warfordsburg Connie Booth, Warfordsburg Melvin Bowman, Needmore Faye Brant, Harrisonville Lawrence Burkins,

Warfordsburg Lori Buterbaugh,

Hustontown James Butts, McConnellsburg Sandra Cavender, Warfordsburg Lisa Chestnut, Warfordsburg William Chilcote, Hustontown Bobbi Clark, Hustontown Clarence Clark, Warfordsburg Robert Clemons, Needmore Henry Deshong, Hustontown Linda Dehong, McConnellsburg Rosella Deshong,

McConnellsburg Winifred Deshong,

McConnellsburg Donald Deshong, Breezewood Carl Dillman, Warfordsburg Mary Eisenhower,

McConnellsburg Jacob Everts, McConnellsburg Norman Everts Jr.,

McConnellsburg Gerald Exline, Big Cove Tannery Christie Fischer, Warfordsburg James Fortney, Hustontown Kenneth Fox, Warfordsburg Jason Garlock, McConnellsburg Rita Gelvin, Three Springs Jeff Golden, Warfordsburg Marcy Goshorn, Hustontown Donna Gress, Harrisonville Richard Hahn, McConnellsburg Ameon Hann, McConnellsburg Quay Hartman, Needmore Lisa Haulman, Hustontown Mary Helsel, Wells Tannery Douglas Henry, Hustontown Luke Hill, McConnellsburg John Hockensmith,

Harrisonville Richard Hockensmith,

Harrisonville Barbara Hoffman,

Three Springs Michael Hoffman, Hustontown Gary Hollinshead,

Harrisonville Jaime House, Wells Tannery Arthur Howell, McConnellsburg Van Ingram, McConnellsburg Deborah Jay, Harrisonville Harry Johnston,

McConnellsburg Randall Keebaugh,

McConnellsburg Harriet Keefer, Big Cove Tannery John Kendall, McConnellsburg Jason Kipp, McConnellsburg Barry Knepper, Hustontown Penny Knepper, Waterfall Pamela Lake, Needmore Cindy Landers, Mercersburg Mary Lane, McConnellsburg Carol Layton, Warfordsburg Joseph Leese, Needmore Charles Leese, Needmore Evelyn Lester, McConnellsburg Cameron Lowry,

McConnellsburg Fred Lynch, McConnellsburg Linda MacMichael,

Warfordsburg Dawn Mahoney,

McConnellsburg Bessie Mason, McConnellsburg Bradley McClain,

McConnellsburg Margaret McCray,

Warfordsburg Jerry McDonald, Needmore Elizaeth Mellott, Needmore Homer Mellott, Needmore Lorraine Mellott,

Big Cove Tannery Bonnie Miller, Hustontown Robert Miller,

McConnellsburg Rickey Moats,

McConnellsburg Jack Morton II,

Big Cove Tannery Lee Musselman, Needmore Bonnie Newman, Waterfall Philip Oakman, McConnellsburg Anthony Pittman, Needmore Brian Pittman, Needmore Gerald Reed, Warfordsburg Stephanie Richards,

McConnellsburg Misty Ritchey, McConnellsburg Mark Runyon, Needmore Craig Sauter, Warfordsburg James Schall, McConnellsburg James Scott, Big Cove Tannery Beverly Scriever, Warfordsburg Cole Seville, McConnellsburg Virl Sheeder, Warfordsburg Bradley Wetzel,

Big Cove Tannery Dawn Wigfield, Needmore Loretta Wilson, Hustontown Misty Wilt, Warfordsburg Steven Winegardner,

Fort Littleton Gerald Worthing, Waterfall Lorie Wright, Crystal Spring Jacqueline Younker,


The following names were drawn by the president judge and Fulton County jury commissioners for the May session of combined court to be held in the said county on the 24th day of May, 2011 at 9 a.m. in the forenoon of that day: Carl Adams, Needmore James Askins, Wells Tannery Janet Baker, Warfordsburg Thomas Bard, Needmore Kathy Barnett,

McConnellsburg Vicki Bookheimer,

McConnellsburg Becky Brackbill,

McConnellsburg Jacqueline Brumbaugh,

Harrisonville Gerald Buterbaugh,

Hustontown Norma Chaney,

McConnellsburg Jim Chesnut, McConnellsburg Cathy Cline, McConnellsburg Cheryl Collins, Mercersburg Harold Comerer,

McConnellsburg Carol Curfman, Hustontown Conni Cutchall,

McConnellsburg Tony Daniels, Harrisonville Dale Deneen, Needmore Michael Deneen, Warfordsburg Sandra Deshong,

McConnellsburg Sharon Dively, Breezewood Carolyn Duvall,

Crystal Spring Stiles Duvall, Harrisonville Foster Earley, McConnellsburg Frank Eisenhower,

McConnellsburg Richard Evans,

Big Cove Tannery Scott Exline, L

Big Cove Tannery Kenny Exline, Warforsburg Jim Fittery, Burnt Cabins Vickie Fix, McConnellsburg Cheryl Foster, Harrisonville Deborah Garlock,

Wells Tannery Edward Gladfelter,

McConnellsburg Yvonne Griest,

McConnellsburg Mary Hagerty, Warfordsburg Julie Haines, Warfordsburg Joline Hann, McConnellsburg Michelle Hann,

McConnellsburg Sidney Hann, Harrisonville Wilda Hann, Warfordsburg Ronald Harr, Needmore Roy Hawkins, Harrisonville Ronald Hege, McConnellsburg Craig Henry, Harrisonville Susan Hill, Needmore Joanne Hollenshead, Needmore Ronald House, McConnellsburg Raymond Johnson,

McConnellsburg Andrew Keller, Waterfall William Kendall,

Harrisonville Lisa Knepper, Hustontown Ray Koontz, Wells Tannery Pamela Kunkle, Warfordsburg Nancy Kylor, Burnt Cabins Daniel Lake, Harrisonville Lyndora Leasure,

Big Cove Tannery Sherry Lemon, Needmore Joyce Long, Harrisonville Delores Lucas, Warfordsburg Dora Lynch, McConnellsburg Kari Martz, McConnellsburg David McDonald, Waterfall Harriett McNeece,

Harrisonville Marie McQuade,

McConnellsburg Della Mellott, Needmore Frank Mellott, Needmore Marjorie Mellott,

Harrisonville Randy Mellott, Needmore Jill Mellott, Needmore Garry Miller, McConnellsburg Joy Minner, McConnellsburg Charles Moore, Harrisonville Thoams Morton, Needmore Brian Mottern, Warfordsburg Glenn Oakman, Warfordsburg Becky Peck, Harrisonville Delores Peck, McConnellsburg Joyce Plessinger,

Harrisonville James Post, Needmore Terry Ramsey, Harrisonvile Susanne Reed,

Big Cove Tannery Kathleen Reimold,

McConnellsburg Anna Richards,

McConnellsburg David Richards, Needmore Reed Richards,

McConnellsburg Geraldine Rodgers,

Breezewood Carla Ross, Waterfall Beverly Rouzer, Harrisonville James Schetrompf,

Warfordsburg Randy Schooley,

McConnellsburg Mike Spade, Warfordsburg Zella Shields, McConnellsburg Alan Sigel, Warfordsburg Patsy Sipes, Harrisonville Carolyn Snyder, Waterfall Charles Souders Jr.,

McConnellsburg Jay Souders, Hustontown Joyce Souders,

McConnellsburg Philip Souders,

McConnellsburg Chalmer Strait, Warfordsburg Charlotte Strait,

McConnellsburg Roger Strait, McConnellsburg Thomas Strait, Warfordsburg Gary Swope, Wells Tannery Mary Ulsh, Waterfall Duane Waite, McConnellsburg Gina Waite, McConnellsburg Melinda Walls,

McConnellsburg Andrew Weist, Breezewood Brenda Weller, Needmore Mark Weller,

McConnellsburg Susan Wilkinson,

Warfordsburg Jamie Wink, McConnellsurg William Winslow,

Hustontown Dana Winters,

McConnellsburg Robert Wright Jr.,

McConnellsburg Sue Yeager, Hustontown Carol Younker,

Big Cove Tannery Betty Zellers, Wells Tannery

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