2011-04-28 / Local & State

Antique Stove Targeted By Burglars

Missing stove weighs in at more than 1,000 pounds
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

Rangers from the Buchanan State Forest are routinely called out to investigate incidents ranging from missing road signs and marijuana plots to scattering rubbish. Last week, ranger Shawn Lynn was handed one of the strangest assignments he’s tackled since joining the state forest staff covering Fulton, Bedford and Franklin counties.

According to Lynn, he received a call from Pennsylvania Game Commission Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer Berley Souders in late March regarding some kids hanging out at the old stone house on Mountain House Road. After looking into the matter, Lynn discovered the kids, who were travelling in an oder model Oldsmobile convertible, entered the dilapidated lease property through a basement door.

Nothing was determined to be taken or damaged during the mischief, but since that time unknown individuals have returned to the property located in Wells Township and kicked in a rear door. Taken from the house was a Regent cast-iron cookstove produced in the 1900s by the Kalamazoo Cook Stove & Furnace Co. and an older model gas stove manufactured in the 1940s or 1950s.

“Someone was in that building, saw the stoves and returned,” said Lynn, who referred to the burglary as a “major operation” due to the size and weight of the stolen items.

Lynn ballparked the woodstove’s weight at a conservative 1,000 pounds. In researching the value of the Kalamazoo stove online, the starting sale price of a similar stove in poorer condition was listed at $625.

“Just to lift that stove into the back of a truck, it would have taken at least four individuals,” Lynn stated. Left behind at the scene was the plate door from the wood stove’s ash drawer.

Lynn added the stoves would not be valuable in terms of the scrap metal. However, as antiques, the stoves would be nice additions to someone’s collection.

Anyone who may have information regarding the location of the stolen stoves or who witnessed anything unusual at the old stone house on Mountain House Road is asked to contact ranger Lynn by calling 717-372- 6119. A reward is offered in connection with the burglary.

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