2011-04-28 / Letters

Peanut Ban Opens Door At School

To The Editor:

Removing all peanut products from Central Fulton is going to open a wide door that I really don’t think the school board members really want to open. What is done for one child should be done for all students who have allergies at school.

This includes a variety of allergies: milk, nuts, wheat, fish, dust, pollen, colognes, laundry detergents. This list could go on and on. Is the school prepared to take this step?

Children have gone through Central Fulton for years who had reactions to peanuts and all different types of allergies. Why change things now? I personally understand the worry when our children leave our home and go to school, but when school personnel tell me that my 6-year-old at the time “needs some responsibility,” yet when it comes close to home I guess their child is different than mine.

This is reality, I am not trying to change the school for my child. My son cannot have milk, fruit or sugars; these are listed as allergies in all his medical papers. Eating or drinking these things can result in death. So why are all these things served at school? I guess if the peanut ban is passed for one, then I guess the school should stop serving milk, fruit and sugars at lunch time and no more Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays or even the banana split special days since one child cannot have it – is this fair?

I supply the school with all the things that my child needs in the event something would go wrong and the things he needs throughout the day. So all epipens should be supplied by the parents not the school.

It is not fair to any child that has any type of allergy or disease, but this is what our children are dealt, it’s called “life.” My question to all parents who have children with the peanut allergy is this: Do you take your child to restaurants? Do you take your child to the grocery store? If you answered yes, then I guess there is no difference in them attending a public school.

Yolanda Hershey


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