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60 Years Ago

From The Files Of May 10, 1951

A blinding flash of lightning, a deafening clap of thunder and it was all over – no wind, no rain, both of which usually go hand in hand with an electrical storm, but the damage in the eastern section of town on Sunday has not yet been totalled. An estimated 150 to 200 window panes were shattered by the terrific bolt of lightning, the Stevens’ properties account for 52 shattered panes. All telephones in the section were knocked out of order, pictures were blown off walls, dishes broken, mirrors cracked, electrical receptacles blown out of the wall and in some cases small fires started which were quickly extinguished. Perhaps the hardest hit was Hoover’s Restaurant where 25 window panes were broken, a burner on the electric stove blown, hot water heater blown, water cooler burned out, furnace thermostat ruined, paper torn from the wall, neon sign and numerous light bulbs blown, light meter ruined and glassware broken. In addition an estimated $250 worth of food in the kitchen was ruined by flying glass, including meals which had been prepared for nine diners in the dining room. The Hoover residence was also moved six inches on its foundation. At last reports, 18 property owners are seeking damage from their insurance companies.

Norman E. Swope and Norma Evans were married on April 14.

Howard Hannigen, of the local soil conservation office, has been elected president of the McConnellsburg Lions Club.

Announcement has been made of the engagement of Virgie M. Hann to Millard F. Fore.

Births: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Deshong of Mc- Connellsburg on May 7; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fox of Knobsville on May 8; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Taylor of McConnellsburg on May 8.

Maxwell Richards and Edward A. Little, well-known bankers of Hancock, both announced their retirement last week.

“Chet” Stevens, Hustontown postmaster, spent several days fishing in Franklin County. Result: no fish but a badly sprained ankle.”

Deaths: Mrs. Barbara Ellen Donahue of Robertsdale.

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