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Southern States Joins In Celebration Of National Garden Month

Southern States is pleased to join gardeners throughout the nation in celebrating April as National Garden Month. Whether you are growing your favorite flowers or raising delicious vegetables for your family to enjoy, gardeners know that growing things is a great way for the whole family to benefit from the relaxation and healthy activity that planting and tending a garden can provide.

For more than 85 years, Southern States has been helping its customers grow, and if you have ever considered planting a garden, April is a great month to get started. Flower beds add color to your yard and can even improve the value of your home. Vegetable gardens can provide your family with nutritious snacks and meals from late spring through early fall, and with simple home canning recipes, you can extend that enjoyment year-round.

Raising a home garden is also a great way to teach your children where many of their foods come from. Better yet, help them plant and grow a small garden of their own. Gardens don’t have to be limited to homes with big backyards. Apartment and city dwellers can make use of raised bed and container gardens right on their own decks and patios.

Join the millions of Americans who are discovering the pleasures of gardening. Celebrate National Garden Month in April by planting a garden, and enjoy the beautiful and healthy results of your efforts for many months to come. For more information on National Garden Month, visit the National Gardening Association’s Web site (www.garden.org). Chris Mulvaney, who are accompanied by Ugandan speaker Francis Onekalit.

Onekalit is an advocate on behalf of neighboring Congolese villagers currently under attack by LRA. He will introduce the film “Tony,” which is being released for the first time this spring, and be on hand following the film to answer any questions.

“Tony” documents the life of a Ugandan man named Tony and follows the last eight years of his life that have been marked by violence by terrorist groups such as the LRA. The event begins at 4 p.m. an food will be available between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. The Invisible Children team will take stage at 6:10 p.m. The screening will then get under way at 7 p.m. at Pleasant Grove on Saturday, and an encore presentation has been slated for Sunday morning at 10 a.m. Members of the community and neighboring churches are encouraged to attend.

This event is also being held in conjunction with the church’s 30-hour famine, a fundraiser to support global communities lacking access to sufficient food.

With the support Invisible Children receives from its film tours and youth supporters, innovative and effective programs are implemented on the ground in Uganda. From rebuilding schools, providing scholarships and mentoring to building micro-economic village banks to bolster the war-destroyed economy of Northern Uganda, Invisible Children is hoping their efforts can aid in the recovery of this devastated region.

For more information on Invisible Children, visit the organization Web site at www.invisiblechildren.com. Additional information on Invisible Children and the event at Pleasant Grove Church can be obtained locally by calling 717-573-4599.

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